Pest Control Services in PA

Commercial Pest Control Services in PA

We offer the highest level of pest control services to our commercial clients. From office buildings all the way up to large manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, we offer customized pest management solutions to solve any pest problem and keep you pest free all year long.


Our knowledgeable staff works with you to provide discreet and efficient solutions. Rapid reaction time and protection helps eliminate common hotel pests, like bed bugs, from emerging.

Restaurants and Bars

We deal with all the pest control needs of your restaurant (such as cockroaches, mice, rodents, and ants) by partnering with you to locate the problem and deal with it as easily and discreetly as possible.


We collaborate with our corporate clients to devise pest control procedures to ensure that their workspace is free from common pests such as cockroaches, rodents, insects, termites, ants or mites.

Schools and Universities

Site specific pest management plans unique to your campus that abide by the state laws governing pest control in schools. Our team is trained to handle any pest including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, insects, rodents, and other wildlife in your hallways or cafeterias.


With custom pest management procedures, we ensure our retail clients don’t have to worry about mice, rats or stored-product pests like the Indian meal moth, flour beetle or rice weevil.

Multi Family Housing

We partner with property managers to establish an inspection and treatment schedule. With a preventive emphasis on major pest problems, such as bed bugs, roaches and rodents, we will reduce the possibility of potential litigation.

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities

We understand hygiene is vital to the delicate health environment. A pest infestation can endanger patients and put a treatment room out of service. Pests such as cockroaches and mice are believed to harbor more than 30 different types of bacteria and viruses. To avoid pests from closing down your facility, we will collaborate with you to introduce a constructive and robust Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Commercial Pest Control

The Right Pest Control Training and Technology

As an industry-leading commercial pest control company, we consistently keep up with new services and technologies.

These advances in pest control offer us the ability to provide the best possible control solutions for any size varment.

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