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Clearing Your Path
Custom tailored snow and ice management plans to keep your facility operating safely and efficiently.
Leaders In Landscaping
We offer a single-sourced solution for all of your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.
The Best In Pest
We are dedicated to providing effective pest management to commercial and industrial clients.
Sweeping The Competition
We operate around the clock, creating schedules tailored to every client's needs.
Inside & Out
Let us create a janitorial program that is unique to your facility.
Join Team Evercor
Now hiring laborers, crew leaders, CDL drivers, and more.

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Industry Leading Facility Management
We are a full service, privately owned, self-performing facility maintenance company serving commercial and industrial clients in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. for 25 years. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, giving our customers peace of mind and allowing them to Work. Uninterrupted.SM

Facility Management That Keeps You Growing

Our 25 years of experience in facility management and maintenance services allow us to help you attract new customers, reduce operational costs, and improve employee safety and satisfaction.

EvercorSM In The Community

For Evercor, it's not just about the clients that we service, it's about the communities that we serve. We know that for every client facility that we help to maintain their operations safely and efficiently, there are employees working in a safer environment, families counting on the reliability of those jobs, and customers throughout the community who benefit from the safety and availability of those businesses and facilities.

We take pride in being a part of the communities that we serve, and strive to foster continued growth and development through a variety of community outreach and support programs. We established the Evercor Foundation to help drive that mission, and to connect with the community in support of causes like Greencare for Troops, the Wyoming Valley Challenger Little League, and others.

Connect with your local Evercor office and find out how you can get involved, and join us in building stronger communities.

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