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EvercorSM Our Success Story

Before becoming the full service facility maintenance firm it is today, Evercor Facility Management was originally founded as Evergreen Landscaping by the Kane brothers. Pat and Frank went door to door, offering landscaping services as a way to make money in high school.

While Frank was serving in the U.S. Army, Pat was finishing up his business degree from Penn State University. Soon after, they began adding more services and subsidiaries to their portfolio.

Over the years the Evergreen family of companies grew to become one of the largest privately owned self-performing facility maintenance firms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

When the need for a consolidated "parent company" became apparent, the company was rebranded as Evercor Facility Management.

The name “Evercor” pays homage to “Evergreen”, whose rich heritage and history will always remain the “cor” (heart in Latin) of its origin.

Since our inception in 1995, we have specialized in the maintenance and support of commercial, industrial, and distribution center properties, working hard to grow a world class company that provides exceptional service. We have the ability to cover a wide scope of facility and property management functions, offering an optional single-source solution to reduce cost while also saving time and stress.

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