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Evergreen Landscaping Joins GreenCare for Troops Initiative

Evergreen Landscaping has partnered with the Project EverGreen GreenCare for Troops initiative, a program designed to provide lawn care and landscape services to families of currently deployed military personnel.

Evergreen Landscaping will participate with lawn care and landscape professionals from across the country that donate their services and time to ease the burden on military families needing assistance with services.

From back yards for service dogs to run in, to green gardens for family members to reflect in, thriving lawns, trees and plants go beyond the aesthetics; they provide individuals with the ability to actively participate in creating a greener, healthier, cooler Earth.

“We’re proud to support the GreenCare for Troops program and lend a hand to help our local military families who already carry so much on their shoulders, the last thing they should be worrying about is fertilizing or mowing their lawn,” said Adam Pendolphia, Vice President of Evergreen Landscaping.  “This is just one small way that we can say thank you for their dedication to country and military service.”

GreenCare for Troops was launched in 2006 and since its inception more than 11,000 military families and 6,000 lawn and landscape contractors have registered to receive or provide services.

Evergreen Landscaping urges interested military families to register for participation in the GreenCare for Troops program online at ProjectEverGreen.org or calling (888) 611-2955 for additional information.