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Families Welcome At Evercor

At Evercor, Families Are Welcome

It has become almost commonplace to hear of companies boasting that their corporate culture resembles a family, but in Evercor’s case, that claim is much closer to the truth.

Family ties can be found all throughout Evercor’s organization—from its corporate team to its landscaping, snow removal and construction teams. Evercor President, Pat Kane, and Director of Special Projects, Frank Kane, are brothers who are also joined by their sister, Kathleen, who serves as a business analyst. Frank, who founded the company, brought his brother Pat on as a partner, joined by friends Adam and Dean. When Frank joined the US Army in 2001, Pat purchased his shares in the company. In 2006, Frank rejoined the civilian workforce and company as part owner.

Operations Manager, Kyle Emerick, recently joined his brother, Chris, a Regional Manager, as part of the corporate team at Evercor.

Brothers, Edwin and Jesus, joined the Lancaster snow removal team as short-term employees in 2018, and have since signed on as long-term employees and continue to work together. Twin brothers, Matt and John Corcoran joined the Allentown office together; John stayed on as a long-term employee and Matt is presently working part-time while he finishes college.

In addition to the considerable number of siblings employed with Evercor, there are several examples of fathers and sons, as well as cousins, who belong to the professional Evercor family.

What Makes Evercor Special

If you’re wondering how one company could have so many familial ties between employees, the answer lies in the shared values of Evercor and its employees. Being an organization that delivers on a promise of exceptional quality requires attracting a workforce that doesn’t compromise on integrity or the commitment needed to perform demanding work.

Evercor recently made the strategic decision to reward its employees’ commitment by moving to a 4-day work week during the months where it is not providing snow removal services. A rising trend amongst many corporate companies, the 4-day work week still requires that employees complete a 40-week, but allows them to work in 10-12 hour shifts with an extra day off reserved for family time, errands, or just to rest and recharge. According to Director of People and Communications, Karla Porter, “if we expect our employees to work hard, they should have opportunities to play hard as well.”

In addition to flexible schedules during the warmer months, employees who provide snow removal services for Evercor are eligible to earn extra money through premium hourly rates and overtime. This is particularly beneficial when compared to some landscaping and construction companies that are forced to lay off employees during winter months when the demand for work slows or the weather makes it difficult to complete certain projects. The opportunity for consistent and reliable income, in addition to the opportunity to increase income over the winter months, is an extremely attractive benefit for many individuals working in the landscaping or construction industries.

Employee perks can go a long way for improving morale, but perhaps more important is recognizing and acknowledging employees individual contributions. Consistent feedback and recognition of a job well done is a priority for Evercor’s management team. Supervisors frequently provide personal kudos to employees who perform well and offer gestures of gratitude to their crews, for example, by picking up coffee or lunches.

A Company to Grow With

Regardless of a prospective employee’s career goals—whether that means growing expertise and experience in one discipline or one day serving in a leadership or supervisory role—Evercor is a growing company that acknowledges and supports the growth of each individual employee.

“When you walk through Evercor’s doors for the first time, it really is a blank slate,” says Porter. She notes that every individual that joins the company has the choice to carve out their own career path, and Evercor is willing to provide the tools to assist.

Porter is also responsible for providing monthly training sessions where she works one-on-one with supervisory staff on developing management techniques and practices. In addition to the internal training that supervisors receive, employees can also take advantage of a tuition reimbursement plan for approved courses. Employees are also encouraged to participate in and attend industry trade shows and conferences to stay up-to-date on industry trends and meet peer professionals.

One of the best methods of recruiting new employees has been through Evercor’s referral program. For every new referral, Evercor employees are eligible to receive a $300 bonus once the referred employee completes 90 days of work and another $50 if referral had perfect attendance. Consistent attendance has an incredible impact on the efficiency and workload for Evercor’s crews. The benefit of being a member of a small, close-knit crew is that it creates a collegial environment where everyone feels supported, yet accountable to their crewmates.

In terms of growth opportunities, Evercor’s hiring practices also give priority to internal candidates for all open positions before external candidates. This ensures that its internal workforce has ample opportunities for either lateral or supervisory positions, if they choose.

Family-Friendly Events

This year, Evercor will be sponsoring its first Knoebels Amusement Park outing for employees and their families. This event joins a number of employee and community celebration events that take place throughout the year, including sponsored Penguins hockey games and last year’s Arbor Day celebration featuring kid-friendly activities like face painting, crafts and a special appearance from the Wyoming borough fire company truck.

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