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Ryan Edwards - Safety Slogan Contest Winner
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Ryan Edwards Winner of Annual Safety Slogan Contest

Each year in June, we’re excited to celebrate National Safety Month through a variety of additional activities focused on its importance on and off the clock. The highlight of the month is the Evercor Annual Safety Slogan Contest.

Employees in all departments are encouraged to submit up to three favorite or original entries to be voted on by safety committee members and senior leaders. The winning slogan is adopted and celebrated for the upcoming 12 months, a banner is designed in house and sent to print for display at each of our locations, and the employee who submits it is recognized and rewarded.

This year’s annual safety slogan contest winner is Ryan Edwards. Recently, he and Evercor President, Pat Kane, hung the banner together at our corporate headquarters shop. After the honors were conducted I asked Ryan what inspired his winning submission.

Ryan: I became employed at Evercor two years ago this past May just out of school. Right away, I realized that safety plays a big role in this job because serious injury or even fatality can occur if there are missteps. Evercor is very safety conscious, it’s part of the culture. There is a lot of safety going on here. Safety precautions are planned out before a job is started and that helps ensure it will be completed without incident.

I saw the announcement about the contest this year right around the time I had been thinking a lot about how a job we were doing required hoisting a 600-700 lb beam and how the crew was well prepared and knew exactly what the plan was so it would be done safely. Thinking about that, the slogan just popped into my mind; safety isn’t a slogan, it’s a way of life. I had to enter it in the contest. I was kind of surprised I won, but then again I wasn’t. You can’t argue with a true statement like that.

I was curious to know Ryan’s top safety tips.

Ryan: Before you do a job think about safety. Make sure nothing can fall and there is a clear walking path. Celebrating safety month is also important because it keeps people thinking about it.

Equally curious, I wanted to get Ryan’s perspective as someone newer to our workforce about his thoughts on a career with Evercor.

Ryan: I really enjoy the work because every day is different and there is a lot of variety in what I do. This is a career company for me and I plan on staying. I really like what I do now, but in the future I might be interested in moving up to different positions, maybe even a management position and the manager of a branch someday.

We wish Ryan continued success as a member of #TeamEvercor and congratulate him once again on becoming this year’s winner of the Evercor Annual Safety Slogan Contest for National Safety Month!