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Spring Clean-up Advice for Facility Managers

Many of us throughout the northeast will soon be celebrating the first signs of spring with its warmer temperatures, increased daylight, and green buds on shrubs and trees, but as a facility manager, you understand that the change in season brings with it a new set of priorities for keeping campuses welcoming and appealing to staff, customers, and visitors.

While the additional sunlight might be great for our environment and well-being, it also sheds light on the more difficult to maintain aspects of facilities throughout the harsh winter months.

Here are our top recommendations for spring cleaning services to get your facility back to looking its best.

Landscape and Lawn Cleanup

Evercor Landscaping Crew
Even with the most diligent maintenance of leaf removal during the fall season, some species of trees continue to shed their leaves after the first snow of the season. Combined with accumulated moisture from rain, sleet and snow on mulch and grass, it can be a recipe for rot in garden beds.

Raking up old grass, leaves and other debris with a power rake for a process often referred to as “de-thatching” allows lawns to breath and provides a suitable base for over-seeding. Spring is the most optimal time for fertilization and over-seeding of soil as its cooler temperatures permit new and more consistent growth.

Removing and replacing old mulch around shrubs and bushes while also focusing on pruning out any winter damage will also prevent rot and permit new and healthy growth.

In garden beds, pull any remaining weeds and remove any dead branches or other debris. Replacing any surrounding mulch and adding a spade-edge to your garden will keep beds looking neat and professional.

Clean Gutters, Facades and Awnings

April showers may bring May flowers, but they can also bring clogged gutters and downspouts that can lead to much bigger problems like water accumulating and creating leaky roofs. Clearing all gutters and downspouts of dead leaves and other debris can help avoid these issues.

With all of the dirt, salt and cinders that get blown around throughout the winter season, building facades and awnings can begin to look pretty weather-beaten by the end of March.

Power washing exteriors, including awnings, not only creates a cleaner and more aesthetically-pleasing appearance, it also helps maintain the building materials as salt can be a very corrosive element when left to sit on surfaces over time.

Power washing building facades is also a quick and efficient way to keep your facility looking well-kept all year round, not just in the winter time. Take into consideration cobwebs, gum, cigarette butts, and general dirt and grime that can accumulate around a building in just one month’s time as well.

Sweep and Repair Lots

As snow piles around berms and islands melt, debris left from shipping palettes, and litter from the normal flow of traffic throughout your facility can become much more apparent. For smaller parking lots, a large push broom can easily clear debris, but for larger facilities like distribution centers, a sweeping machine may be needed to efficiently clear a lot.

Additional blemishes that begin to emerge in the spring due to the extreme changes in temperature and water accumulation are cracks in asphalt and concrete. Assess sidewalks and asphalt for minor cracks where a simple “mill-and-fill” process that involves grinding down the top layer of asphalt and adding a layer of paving material can add 10-12 years to life of the surface.

Larger, or more structural cracks or damage may require a more time-intensive approach where the sub-base is repaired and modified stone is compacted and placed over it for a more long-term solution.

Whether you manage a grounds maintenance team or outsource your landscaping, maintenance, or paving services, these tips will help you Work. Uninterrupted.

PS: If you are interested in refreshing or updating your landscape design, our senior estimator can work with you to develop a design according to your specifications and budget.