Snow & Ice Management

We Don't Just Plow Snow. We Manage It.

We specialize in creating innovative solutions for large, difficult, zero-tolerance properties, where making a single mistake, one bad decision, or becoming complacent is never an option. Management means everything to us.

We Manage:

  • Our Clients' Budget Requirements
  • Safety of our Clients and Their Visitors
  • 750 Drivers, Operators, and Sidewalk Laborers
  • 45 Million Square Feet of Asphalt
  • 1.2 Million Square Feet of Sidewalk Surfaces
  • Environmentally Friendly De-Icing Products Through LEED Certifications

We Provide

Flexible Contract Options
Snow and Ice Management Planning
GPS Tracking and Time Keeping
Trained and Certified Professionals
Fleet and Equipment
Storm Monitoring

Flexible Contract Options

Every property type has different needs and expectations when it comes to budgeting snow and ice management services. To meet each of our clients' individual needs, we offer customized service contract options including:

  • Seasonal All Inclusive: Fixed price for the season with no cap on seasonal inches.
  • Seasonal Hybrid: Custom seasonal contract tailored to the client's needs with a per inch cap and floor.
  • Per Inch: Fixed price per inch of total accumulation during a winter event.
  • Time & Material: Hourly cost for labor and equipment.

Snow and Ice Management Planning

Proper snow and ice management begins with a snow response plan. Having a plan in place before the start of the winter season not only provides you peace of mind but also reduces your risk, budget costs, and minimizes company downtime. Every Evercor client is provided with a custom snow response plan to be used as an operational tool for managing a storm at their site. It clarifies priorities and critical factors ensuring we provide the results expected.

What’s in a Snow Response Plan?

  • Locations of temporary and permanent snow staging areas
  • Hours of operation for the property
  • Priority areas and hazards to avoid
  • Equipment utilization (by zone)
  • Staffing assignments

In addition, each plan includes multiple winter weather scenarios. This enables our operations department to have the training necessary to respond to each weather event efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and expense.

GPS Tracking and Time Keeping

GPS tracking gives us real time data for the locations of our trucks and equipment during a storm. From our state of the art command center, we can track where they have been and navigate where they need to go,

Because the software makes historical information available, we can review past performance on snow removal and adjust our responses for the next big storm. That means faster, more efficient service for our clients.

Court Admissible

If someone says they slipped on your property, can you prove that your lot and walkways were cleared? Since all of our trucks and equipment use GPS tracking, you will be able to show exactly when we were on your property.

The American Bar Association reported in 2014 that because of its apparent intrinsic accuracy, GPS technology can replace expert testimony in cases in which a disputed fact concerns the location of a person or a vehicle at a particular time.

Trained and Certified Professionals

Our dedicated team includes Certified Snow Professionals (CSP) and Advanced Snow Managers (ASM) certified through the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA). Backed by industry leading safety programs, our well-trained team delivers swift and dependable results while operating conscientiously, with an eye for reducing your risk and protecting your property.



Fleet and Equipment

Effective and efficient snow and ice management is a challenge for many property and facility managers. Quality service during extreme conditions is critical for preserving safety, maintaining commerce and allowing safe access for both customers and employees. With no two properties being exactly the same, we assign various types of equipment based on your needs.

Our fleet includes but is not limited to:

  • Wheel Loaders
  • V Plows
  • TrucBrushes
  • De-Icing vehicles
  • Ventracs
  • Bobcat UTVs
  • Snow Pushers

Storm Monitoring

As one of the largest self-performing snow and ice management companies in the region, we have the culture and strength to gear up and respond quickly even during the most challenging storms. Through our partnership with the meteorologists at WeatherWorks, we carefully track and monitor potential storms.

Ahead of potential bad weather, storm alerts can be sent to keep you informed. Tracking starts 24-48 hours prior to the onset. Each alert provides details on the anticipated arrival, intensity, duration, temperature, accumulations, and any other critical hazards that may affect your site’s operations. As conditions become imminent, a second alert is issued with additional updates throughout the course of the storm.

Monitoring winter weather ensures we get our crews to your location quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, after the storm is over, you will receive a copy of the area’s certified snowfall total.

Our Process


After meeting onsite to identify your needs, we measure and document every inch of your property to prepare a proposal for your evaluation.

Pre-Season Setup and Training

We conduct onsite training and interactive site maps for everyone involved with your site operations. All of our drivers are provided with site-specific notes and aerial images.

Pre-Event Communication

The 12-24 hours before a storm arrives, we are monitoring reports and in communication with our on-call meteorologists. Based upon these reports, we will prepare and send an email to our customers "Forecast and Plan" for how we will manage the pending storm.

Perform snow and ice management services

When a storm is forecasted, we arrive onsite before the first flake hits the ground. Our crews conduct site assessments to determine what actions are needed to carry out your customized services and ensure our performance meets the quality standards you were promised.


The site supervisor conducts a post-event inspection for quality control and communicates the completion of services via email.

Snow Pusher
Sidewalk Crews
Liquid De-Icing
Ventrac SSV

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