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My Gratitude to Team Evercor – Letter from the President

Good People Grow Companies.

In the course of 25 years I have been very fortunate to see this business grow and take on a life of its own. I am so humbled and proud of the company’s success, as well as how it has allowed us to create jobs and promote community stewardship. Throughout this whole experience there is one thing I’ve learned that has remained true:

Growth does not come easily and cannot be attributed to one person. Rather, a company’s success depends solely on its team. Evercor was started by a handful of full-time employees who put their trust in my business; some of whom are still here today.

Over the years I have watched these individuals, and others who have joined us along the way, grow professionally, and become role models for their colleagues and managers. Because of their strong leadership and faith in our company, we have been able to grow our workforce into a team of dedicated, hard working, and knowledgeable professionals.

Quality Through Collaboration

With a footprint that spans 6 offices across the Mid-Atlantic, the collaboration between departments is remarkable. Working in the facility maintenance industry can be difficult, but our teamwork has been able to help navigate us through many (actual) storms.

Year after year, I am impressed with the new talent joining our workforce. As the industry continues to evolve, I promise to do all I can to meet your expectations of what an employer should be and to offer the latest in technology and training to assist in your professional development.

Our slogan is Work. Uninterrupted.℠ because our dedicated team members work tirelessly to keep our clients’ operations up and running.

I want to thank every member of Team Evercor, not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but every day, for your outstanding contributions. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning, or this is your first day, please know that you have personally contributed to the success of Evercor.

Thank you,

Pat Kane